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Our History

In 1983, Southern California attorney, businessman and entrepreneur Andy M. Camacho enjoyed dinner at an old Mexican restaurant in Downtown LA’s Olvera Street before a meeting at City Hall. He had been to the legendary restaurant, El Paseo Inn, established in 1930, many times before. As a young boy from East LA, Mr. Camacho would come over for visits with his father Andy, Sr. But on this night he had a conversation with the owners, Mrs. Elena Pelufo and Mr. Frank Webb, who informed him of their desire to sell.

This conversation would change the life of the Camacho family forever. One year later, in 1984, Andy M. Camacho was the proud owner of El Paseo Inn. This venture marked the beginning of what has become one of the most celebrated restaurant careers in Los Angeles history.

While Mr. Camacho was embarking on his restaurant career, a series of storms hit the West Coast and caused significant damage to the west end of the Santa Monica Pier. A ten-year restoration project to repair the pier and bring it to its current pristine state began. The completion of the site that now houses Mariasol Restaurant was the culmination of this extensive and worthwhile restoration project. In 1994, after much hard work and determination, the Camacho family opened Mariasol Restaurant.

Mariasol was named after Mr. Camacho’s only daughter, Maria Luisa. Originally it did not feature the second story of indoor dining space that exists today. It was added in 2002 to provide guests with a comfortable and spectacular view of the Southern California coast line. The restaurant has proudly served over one million visitors in its thirteen-year existence. There have been many notable guests at Mariasol and the other Camacho 
restaurants during this time. Mariasol even hosted an impromptu performance by the legendary Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band during Stanford University’s participation in the Rose Bowl in 2000.

Over the years, Mr. Camacho and his son Don Luis, through their family-owned and operated company, Camacho’s Incorporated, have overseen the opening and operation of additional notable Southern California restaurants including Camacho’s Cantina at Universal CityWalk, El Paseo Inn and at Olvera Street.

Our Vision

If you enjoy sipping mega grande margaritas, on yet another sunny Southern California day, with a view of the Pacific coastline from Malibu to the South Bay, as the sounds of waves slapping the sandy Santa Monica beaches permeate the background, then Mariasol  Restaurant is for you. Located at the very end of the picturesque Santa Monica Pier, Mariasol serves mouthwatering Mexican fare reminiscent of that found in the Mexican beach towns of Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta


 No Reservations. We seat on a first come, first serve basis. 

We encourage you to call in advance for estimated wait times.


401 Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 917-5050 Phone
(310) 917-5046 Fax

Email: cimgt@camachomgt.com

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